Terms and Conditions.

The criteria of the project are intentionally broad and reflect the main objectives of LyriK.

A. The outcome of the project benefits the Kwinana Community
B. Emphasis on the inclusion of young residents of Kwinana (10-18 years old)

Aims and objectives of a LyriK Project:
The primary aims of LyriK Projects contribute to the following overall aims of LyriK:

    1. Encourage young people to take on more responsibility and show initiative
    2. Increase the involvement of young people from all backgrounds in a wide variety of organised social and community activities
    3. Provide opportunities for integrating young people with positive role models and mentors
    4. Encourage young people to make healthy lifestyle choices and become involved in activities that are designed to improve community safety
    5. Enable a positive transition from school to further training and work
    6. Maintain engagement of the nominees through the provision of personal and professional development opportunities

Successful applications will also be required to engage in the following:

    • Use of LyriK promotional banners and materials throughout the Project implementation.
    • Acknowledgement of the LyriK Program in public promotion of the Project.
    • A presentation at the next LyriK Awards Ceremony detailing the implementation and outcomes of the Project.