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The deadline for nominations for Round 19 of the LyriK Awards is rapidly approaching…3 weeks to be more precise!  As this date (16th May) is fast approaching we thought it might be a great idea to highlight some of our previous category winners and why they won a LyriK Award. It’s not always the big achievements that catch the eye of our assessment panel, as you will see it can quite often be those young people make smaller but consistent contributions that lead to them being recognised as a LyriK Award winner. Here are some of our amazing winners!

Tahj Hilzinger-Smith

Achievement Award – Round 18

Tahj was nominated because of his recent academic achievements. As a result of his consistent hard work Tahj has regularly achieved high school grades. On top of this, Tahj has recently won a position as one of 20 aboriginal students nationally to attend the very highly competitive Aboriginal Summer School for Excellence in Technology and Science that is being held in Adelaide this December. Tahj is an exceptional role model role model for other students and his result show that if you work hard you can achieve great things. Tahj was also the recipient of the 2013 LyriK Young Person of the Year Award for these achievements.


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Ruby McCudden

Respect Award – Round 18

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Ruby was nominated because she is a brilliant role model to the younger students at her school and for the fact that she always displays respect to those around her. Ruby is always willing to help and support her peers and regularly takes time out of her lunch break to peer mentor younger children in the Literacy. In the classroom, despite there being numerous distractions, Ruby chooses to focus on her work and t the same time encourages others to do the same. It is this respect that is shown in the classroom and throughout the school saw Ruby win the Respect Award.


Nathan Earnshaw

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Leadership Award – Round 18

Nominated as a participant of the Zone LAN Gaming Program, Nathan is a consistent role model to the others in the group. Nathan is always wiling to assist within the program to make sure the sessions run smoothly. By welcoming new people to the program and willingly teaching them how to play the games, Nathan ensures that all the participants are able to join in and enjoy their time in the group. Nathan consistently models positive behaviours to those in the group and as a result he was a worthy recipient of the Leadership award.

Tanesha Bennell

Inspiration Award – Round 18

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Tanesha is a self driven and determined individual who was nominated for the inspiration award because of her many accomplishments and her dedication and commitment to try her best at all times. For the recent NAIDOC week celebrations at Gilmore College, Tanesha volunteered her time to collaborate with her teacher to choreograph a hip hop dance routine, which she performed with 3 male peers, as well as signing solo in front of the whole school. Tanesha also recently won the ‘Highly Commended Award’ For ‘Writing it Up’ with an article that she submitted to the National ‘Deadly Vibe’ magazine competition. Tanesha’s courage in setting personal goals and striving her very best to achieve them is an inspiration to her peers and as such, she was a worthy recipient of the Inspiration Award.

Sarah Delleva

Teamwork Award – Round 17

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Sarah is a hard working, caring and considerate student who works best when she is in a team environment. Sarah consistently motivates and encourages those around her and is always willing to offer assistance to her peers by working alongside and coaching them through different issues. Sarah is appreciated by those that she works with and is a valuable asset to any team situation she is a part of.



Latrel Soares

Friendship Award – Round 17

Latrel was nominated for always being willing to assist others when they need help. Latrel happily works alongside other students and willingly includes all in his play. He is quick to offer a word of encouragement others and never gives up on his team mates. Latrel is a down to earth, caring and lively character and is worthy of being the recipient of the friendship award.

To read more about our winners from all of the rounds head over to our LyriK Award Winners page and select the round you wish to find out more about. If you know a young person just like the ones mentioned above then nominate them today to give them the recognition they deserve!