Kwinana Junior Council.

The Kwinana Junior Council consists of representatives from each of the three local High Schools (new students are selected each year) and offers the opportunity for students to learn about the role of Local Government within the community as we s expose them to the diverse range of career paths that are available in the Local Government context. The Junior Council meet on a monthly basis during school terms and operate in the same model as the City of Kwinana Councillors, with a Junior Mayor and Deputy Junior Mayor being elected within the first couple of meetings. The Junior Council are mentored in their learning by the members elected to the Kwinana Council and are give the chance to voice their opinions, and the opinions of their peers, in an environment that is both safe and affirming.

The members of the Kwinana Junior Council for 2014 are:

Grace Taylor – Junior Mayor
Jade Nahirny – Deputy Junior Mayor
Katelyn Nicholls – Junior Councillor
Henry Hewgill – Junior Councillor
Tennyson Payne – Junior Councillor
Courtney Monego – Junior Councillor
Tanesha Bennell – Junior Councillor
Callum Parnell – Junior Councillor
Cody Steegstra – Junior Councillor

For more information regarding the Junior Council program please contact 9236 4550.

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