How LyriK Helped Me

Posted on May 5, 2014 · Posted in Uncategorized
Hi, my name is Daniel and my involvement with the LyriK program dates back to 2008 when I won my first LyriK Award in the Teamwork category. Winning that award made me feel appreciated around and in my community. This encouraged me to not sit back but to be more involved around Kwinana and gave me the confidence to be able to public speak and address others comfortably . Since then I have also been privileged enough to have won the Progress Award and the Leadership Award.

Aside from the Awards, the LyriK Program has assisted me in a variety of ways. I have attended leadership days that have helped me learn how to work with groups of people and build my confidence with others. Working with a friend, I was also part of the awareness campaign ‘Gilmore Cares About Cancer’ which lead to over $2000 being raised for the Cancer Council. This campaign was funded through a LyriK Project Grant and would not have been possible without that contribution.

My involvement with the LyriK Program has also assisted in opening many doors for me and my future.


My involvement with the LyriK Program has also assisted in opening many doors for me and my future. So many have opened, that I am now the chairman of the Youth Advisory Council and I am a camp councilor and mentor for groups of at risk children and young people, teaching them how to trust and boost their self confidence and self esteem. I was also proud to be head boy at Gilmore College in 2013. My plan for 2014 is to head off to America and do summer camps in the states.

It all starts at LyriK, if I didn’t receive an award I wouldn’t know half the people I do today and wouldn’t be doing what I do and probably wouldn’t have the life ambitions that I have. I would like to say one more thing. Please nominate someone that you think is worthy of an award. It’s not just a certificate and an incentive, it opens so many doors for that young person that could lead them into bigger and better things. Thank you.