About Us.

In 2006 the Youth Incentive Program ‘LyriK’ (Leadership, youth respect in Kwinana) was established to ensure that young people in Kwinana between the ages of 10-15 years old were recognised for the valuable contribution they make to the Kwinana Community.  The program has grown to include a number of new initiatives and opportunities for young people to take part in as well as extending its age bracket to include young people between the ages 10-18 years old. In 2009, LyriK was fortunate enough to be recognised at a National level by winning a National Youth Engagement award for its positive engagement with young people and in 2016, the City of Kwinana won the WA Local Government Children’s Environment and Health Awards – Children’s consultation category  for its process in consulting with young people on the Kwinana Outdoor Youth Space (KOYS) and Youth Outreach Live Outdoors (YOLO) projects.

In 2016, the LyriK program celebrates a major milestone of ten years of program delivery and has observed many LyriK nominees and award winners grow up through its programs and contribute back to their community.

Our Mission

The LyriK Program exists to build the resilience of young people from Kwinana through public recognition and community participation. To encourage aspiration through leadership and development opportunities, in order to create a positive community impact through the contribution and stories of young people.

This mission is achieved through the following core objectives:

1. Build Resilience

We believe in building the resilience of young people by recognising their contribution to the community and providing citizenship opportunities, so as to improve their self-confidence and enhance their ability to become contributing members of the Kwinana community.

2. Leadership & Development

LyriK provides leadership and development opportunities that support young people in transitioning into the next phase of their lives.

3. Community Impact

The program seeks to create a community impact that promotes a positive youth culture within the City of Kwinana.

The LyriK Program is proudly sponsored by the following organisations: